Splitting the Atom

Splitting the Atom is Club Zygotic’s free all dayer featuring an eclectic line up of acts from the South Coast and beyond. Starting at Hectors’ House in Brighton it has since moved to a new home at Green Door Store. We believe that by keeping Splitting the Atom free we can encourage a more diverse audience who will give the free noise/experimental music scene a try if they can dip a toe in for nothing.

Splitting the Atom is a gathering of the South Coast experimental music scene with contributions from members of The Spirit of Gravity, Colour Out of Space, Club Zygotic and more. Promoters and collectives share curatorial and promotional duties.

Bands who have played at previous Splitting the Atom’s include:

Slow Listener, Spirit of Gravity Quartet, Noteherder & Mcloud, Bad Orb, Jez North, Mass, Viv, Animal Magic Tricks, $un$hine Republic, HRT, Bolide, Warrior Squares, Mothers of the Third Reich and many more.