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core of the coalman / d harrison l mayor d nyoukis / smack music 7 vs. hobo sonn / henry holme Saturday 25th August 3pm £4

The Caroline of Brunswick, Ditchling Road, Brighton


Thee Bald Knobbers / The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon / Cozy Doe / DJ Playwimidaddy Wednesday 1st August 8pm – 12pm £4

The Cowley Club, London Road, Brighton

Splitting the Atom VIII, Saturday August 4th 2012 2pm – 10pm. Free entry

at The Green Door Store, Brighton

An excerpt from AK/DK’s live recording of their set at Splitting the Atom VII

The Black Plume

Pictures of Splitting the Atom VII on John Macedo’s blog The Black Plume.


Thanks to Dullbedsitblogger for putting this together.